Tuesday, November 16, 2010


...is my view today.
You could say it is imploding on me.
O.K.~ who turned on the fog machine??
Seriously, I love it! The higher you go (here)
the foggier it gets!
I am certainly relieved that it will be
near 50 degrees today or~~
all this precipitation would be
_ _ _ _!
O.K. my 'jolly' readers...
what 4 letter word am
I thinking of?
(Miss Lynn, this post is 'for' you!)
(Also) For my more astute readers,
on the top photo,

can you see the faint tree line
behind the obvious (trees?)


  1. RAIN! :) Yes - how well I know it. There was one point yesterday in which it ran down my back while I was trying to get my umbrella closed. :)

    I can see the tree line there - God's beautiful world. Fog, rain, whatever - I love it.

  2. Wow! Now that's some serious fog! Gorgeous shots, lg!

  3. Lynn~ Actually you're right, it could be rain but I was thinking of S-N-O-W!!!!!! I am sure that while we are gone it will 'do that thing' here!

  4. Foggy down here too and just rain. Altho I did hear of possible _ _ _ _ up in hte high elevations!


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