Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gray Rainy and All About Trees


'Gray Rainy' has come
to dwell in these woods;
in Wet Slippery Land
I now live...
The quiet gray
holds me still
and stiller.
I resort to
to music and to song
to carry my lighter heart along
on gray days.


  1. Edited for terrible formatting problems...please forgive!

    First comment :

    Talon said...

    We had snow over the weekend and now we're back to rain before it changes back to snow tonight. So I feel the greyness too. What a beautiful poem that is, lg! You captured the magic of nature brilliantly. :)

  2. Talon...thank you for your kind words. We haven't yet had snow of more than one inch; it has started raining but is supposed to get colder still. Have a truly GREAT day...and I always wonder..."What are you working on?"

  3. I like that story - The Looking Glass Tree. I imagined you with a child on your lap reading it.

  4. Wow. Thank you Lynn. I am inspired by a stint teaching (substitute teaching) preschoolers and K-5 year olds. My last job was teaching 3 year olds; I so got into being in 'their groove.'

  5. Beautiful pictures! I like all of them but that second one is great, it makes me wish I was in those woods to wander around the trees.

  6. Hey Jennifer!
    So nice to have you visit. Come on in and do wander a spell!
    Have a truly great day! I love your blog!


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