Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looking Back

Looking (backward) through my
photos today I realized that we haven't
seen hide nor hair of the small and lightening
fast flying squirrel we had frequenting the bird feeder
at night last year at this time. Also- we haven't
been able to replicate the great deer shots
we got last year at this time. There are fewer
deer appearing and they are extremely
skittish of our new dog Ginger's deep and
loud barking. Plus, there just aren't as many
deer around (here) this fall. We will be leaving one
full bag of corn out for the deer when
we are gone though. Wooohoo.
It will be quiet here
as the dogs are being boarded.
Sure do wish that I could set up a camera though!
Top: Last fall right at this time we
took our teenage kids to the Smithsonian
in D.C; this is one of my favorite
paintings there. We had a great time!


  1. I love love love the National Gallery of Art. My sister lived in DC of years and I used to make it a point to visit that museum first when I was there.

    Sweet wildlife pics - wonder what happened to that squirrel?

  2. Hey Lynn! Yes-I wonder too. I thought maybe the squirrel didn't make it through our severe winter and various harsh ice storms :( Yes- I could really spend a month at the National Gallery of Art. It's always my favorite place when I go! Signing off for a few days until I get to where I'm going Lynn. :)

  3. lg, my apologies for somehow missing this post! That squirrel shot is amazing. I hope the squirrel is fine and maybe visiting another neighborhood.

    That painting is so soft and serene. Lovely.

    Hope you and your family have a beautiful, fun-filled Thanksgiving.


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