Friday, November 12, 2010


promoting my talents :)

I have been thinking about hand made items lately.
Maybe what got me started was browsing on
Etsy for a hand made Teddy for my
niece's little daughter Grace.
Anywho~ you know how one thing leads to another?
Here is a link to a site that has artistic hand
made dolls of all kinds. I found it mesmerising.
Please do check out two dolls ~here~.
(Click on the left column; 'Pia Dolls' to see "Cappi"
and then on 'Zwergnase;' the 2011 Doll Collection's "Mialotta.")
I found the artistry in them amazingly beautiful.
Hand made items are prevalent in the High Country
(quits, baskets, woodcarving to name just a few.)
Here is my humble offering.
Her name is 'June.'
She is a doll that I made entirely by
hand stitching at age 12
of a handkerchief and fabric
that my grandmother Mabel
would keep stored up in a big bag in her
bedroom closet. Myself and my sisters
would raid the closet, set up shop
on her dining room table, and
cut, sew and devise things.
These are some of my best memories
of childhood.

Kudos to all who make with their hands.
(This post is just for fun. But do take a look at the link and
the above mentioned dolls; you won't be disappointed.)


  1. June is just lovely - good job, lg! It's clear that she has been lovingly cared for. And those dolls in the link are amazing.

    My grandmother used to make clothes and quilts out of flour sacks. I have one of her quilts - in a pattern called 'Step Around the Mountain.' The old ways are something to be treasured for sure.

  2. June is lovely, lg! And what fine handiwork at 12 years old!

    My Mom is a knitter...and she makes beautiful sweaters and afghans (and booties and caps for preemies for the hospital). I sew - mostly household things - like pillows and drapes. I used to sew clothes for my children when they were little. I find it so relaxing. June makes me want to get my needlepoint out's such a great acivity - especially in the cold weather months.

  3. Ohh. I do wish that I could knit. I can crochet scarves but knitting is intricate, warm, fuzzy and lovely!! Talon, did you view the dolls on the link above?
    lg :)


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