Saturday, December 4, 2010

Early Walk

I took an early walk today; up alone.
I wish dear readers, that you could have seen my
dog Lakhi, hesitate to leave the comfort of the
front porch stoop and make any paw prints in
the snow. It was 'as if' she were staring at a blank white
canvas and balking at what to do! She stood a full 45 seconds
just staring at the all white blanket of light snow
before bounding off the porch! I didn't have a
camera at the time the view of her thinking about
the snow with puzzlement before stepping on it was great!
The road across from us; 'Galax,'
was lightly snow covered and inviting.
Next: I noticed that the 'toothpick tree' now
can measure snow precipitation!
Next: The pumpkins (still) out front now
don light snowy caps!

Next Up:
The glorious woods in all of its spender!
I drove to the Blue Ridge to procure a photo for you
(yesterday)! The wind was howling so I was not sure how
clear the shot would be...The blue sky, gray and slightly
violet clouds whipping by were awesome! Look at this
gnarly tree. What an absolute feast for the eyes!
The Blue Ridge Parkway officially is closed
sometime in December as it gets too treacherous to navigate.
Duty calls me at present! I must away Dear Readers!



  1. A morning walk is a glorious way to start a day. I'm smiling at Lakhi's hesitation. Charlie and Riley both dive into snow as if they can't wait to destroy the pristine beauty - lol! (the cats, however, are deeply offended by the white stuff) I love the toothpick tree shot and it's new application as a snow gauge!

    Have a beautiful day, lg!

  2. We have not had our first snow yet! Lovely shots.

  3. Talon~ I had the thought to 'toss' the cats out in the snow (just for a slight shock of sorts...and a bath!!) O.K.~ I won't do it!!!!

  4. wncmountainliving,
    Thanks for stopping by! We had a real snow of 5-7 on Sat. P.M. I am at about 4000 so we have more snow than lower elevations in N.C. Right now we are a true 'winter wonderland.':) Thank you for your blog!


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