Friday, December 10, 2010

December Blue Ridge Beauty

My daughter and myself ventured out
onto the Parkway
to procure some long view shots yesterday.
Our usual right turn south on the Parkway was
closed for the season. Last year, we were unable
to get on the long drive on the mountain
tops at all in December. I now know why.
Road conditions to this overlook in the
other direction were poor, with about
4 inches of packed, icy snow but mostly glare ice.
We drove like turtles and didn't stay
long to get these shots, never seeing another
car in either direction on the drive.
Next week, I imagine the Parkway
will be totally closed off to through traffic.
This wonderful mountain top drive
through the Appalachians is
not maintained in the winter.
Top: A large and burly open tree
that one could stand inside of.

Next Two: Long views at present.


  1. Gorgeous shots, lg! Thank you for sharing them. That tree is something else! A whole colony of faeries must live in there :)

    We're getting more snow today. The wind is low, so it's really pretty right now...

  2. Talon~ There is a huge snow storm (front) that is supposed to come down from Quebec into the mid Appalachians starting Sunday night.

    Stay warm friend!

  3. I didn't realize they close the parkway down in winter, but it makes sense. Lovely shots, lg.


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