Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Tree Challenge

Although 'they' look harmless and exude
peace and tranquility,
the above black furry beasts (Top Shot)
challenge me and the tree yearly.
I am attempting to put together this years' tree.
Annually, I have to twisty tie
the bottom three (at least) branches of the lights
and the ornaments on, or OFF they go
(especially the lights.) The 'beasts'
run through the tree taking with them
what they can...
Middle Shot:
I'm hoping to procure for you
a wintry shot of the
many excellent
specimen Christmas trees
on hillside after hillside here.

We cut ours down this year.
This is a shot my husband took (earlier)
off the highway of a large tree farm.
They look even better
(if that is indeed possible) in the winter!
A lovely, quiet 'winter red barn'
resting along the New River.


  1. The cats do look so innocent, but we all know better right??!! :) Beautiful pics.

  2. Thank you NoviceArtist! I'm glad that you stopped on by!

  3. Hey Lynn, They are brother & sister.
    Thank you for stopping by!


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