Tuesday, December 7, 2010


...ventured out of my warm home.
It is about -20 degrees with the windchill
so I was out for about 8 minutes.
Still, my fingertips were numb and
tingly even dressed in fur lined winter gloves.
Nursing my camera and a bit fearful
it would freeze or something, I kept this walk short.
Apparently (according to a source we love here
in the High Country, 'Ray's Weather,')
it is colder here than in Wisconsin.
Bottom: a shot today of a
'yonder' mountain top that showed just a hint of color.
I like the slightly misty feel that it has.
'The House on the Hill.'
It has been a source of great comfort for me.
The entire front porch is totally lit with
large yellow lights at night. I can see it
just at the top of my bedroom window,
a friendly reminder of neighbors near by.
Can you find it?
stay warm!



  1. I'm glad you were brave enough to go out into the elements. Your shots, as always, are gorgeous. The only thing I find with really cold weather is, it eats up the camera batteries far faster than warmer temps.

  2. Thank you Talon. Did you find the house I wonder? I have been trying to photograph the light it puts out at night but haven't achieved a good shot yet. :(

  3. Yay - you got out. You must have been feeling cooped up. I love cooking during snowy days like that (it happens about once a year in Atlanta.)

  4. Lynn~ Yes, we were feeling cooped up. We went out to see the new film with Chris Pine (whom I love; he does SUCH a great job as the 'new' 'James Kirk!') It was cold but fun to at last, get out in some fashion.


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