Monday, December 13, 2010

Hibernating the thing to do.


  1. I feel fortunate we haven't had that much snow yet. Good idea to stay inside in this cold weather!

  2. I agree, lg...though I might stick my snout out once in a while and see if any sun has shown up :)

  3. Appalachian Lady,
    We have more snow on the way; maybe an ice storm on Thursday which I 'fear' far more. I will keep you posted!

    "I might stick my snout out once in a while;" Talon- here, you made me laugh! Thanks.

  4. I hope you have laid in enough provisions, lg! When our three flakes fell in Georgia yesterday, everyone rushed to the grocery store to buy bread and milk. I like to call it "the bread lines."

    My word verification is "icessa" - how about that?

  5. Lynn~I notice unusual word verifications all the time too! We have LOTS of provisions; thank you! We are toasty warm :):)

  6. Heard you guys got lotttssss of snow up there. We lucked out but the wind is intense. Stay warm and safe.

  7. wncmountainliving,
    I just came in from outside. It is blowing snow; wind whipping and drifts to 2 feet! Wow. I am left wondering when will my high school aged daughter get back to school :-0 :-0??

  8. Gorgeous pic. That's exactly what we have to do a lot in our winters too.


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