Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowy Offering

Blanket of powder
pristine and white
falling so gently
in morning light.

they tickle
they rest on my cap
all others are sleeping
a long winter nap.

A lonely deer wanders
the path that I see
I track her footsteps
a comfort to me.

Sprinkle, its coming
snow settles down
all nestled in
our small town.


  1. Your pictures are great, but your poetry is inspiring and moves my spirit every time I read your poetry. It truly serves the soul a bowl full of needed inspirational porridge. I light up every time I see that you have a poem to share.

  2. Beautiful, lg. There's a hush in the snowfall that is just lovely...and your poem captures that feeling perfectly. Gorgeous shot!

  3. We have 2 or 3 flakes falling - of course, I am pulling for the kind of snowfall you picture, but I think it probably won't happen. :)

  4. magical writing....

    welcome link in 1 to 3 poems to our potluck tonight, we are open within 3 hours...

    Happy Sunday!

  5. Keith~ Thank you so much. That is so 'dang' sweet! :)

    Talon, That is the road that goes down from our house. It was quiet and lovely this AM but NOW we have a howling blizzard on the way with drastically falling temps; I'll keep you posted!

    Lynn! Yes, Atlanta (I think that that is where you are... :))will be warmer! Will it stay on the ground (for you) I wonder? Keep me posted!

    Jingle Poetry,
    Thanks so much! Not sure of I can get on tonight as we have some very inclement weather on its way
    and I am a bit preoccupied! Thank you for the invite; keep prodding me (if you will; I appreciate it!)


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