Monday, December 6, 2010


Handy Items :)
(...and I needed color in at least one shot.)
Verse that I am singing:
"Hear the wind blow dear, hear the wind blow.
Hang your head over...hear the wind blow."

See the Flakes.

S-s-snowy Path.

The Road Up


  1. We're getting some of the same right now, lg. It's beginning to look A LOT like Christmas, isn't it? That first shot of the scarves and the hat is perfect!

  2. Looks lovely as long as you're warm and cosy inside. We've lost much of our snow now though it's still lying higher up. Had to walk the dogs along the icy road today. The driving sounds quite scary with drops, wouldn't fancy that.

  3. Hey Talon! What is your temperature I wonder? Looking forward with anticipation to your snow shots friend. It is a high of 13 today. What?!

  4. Hey Lynne. Yes, I walk the dogs on patches of ice as well right now. I take baby steps and move like a turtle. 'Afeared' of falling, I guess. Stay toasty warm yourself and thank you for stopping by,Lynne!

  5. It is in the 20s here in Atlanta today, but no snow in sight. I saw a couple of flakes falling in New York City yesterday.

    Your snow shots are beautiful and I imagine you need those hats and scarves.


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