Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lion of a Winter

Well. I cheated (in a sense.)
I am procrastinating (or is it balking?)
at procuring a shot today (this one is from yesterday.) :)
I must muster up the courage to face the howling wind and
maybe put a plastic bag partly over the camera?
Last night, it became apparent to me this one thing:
The planet we inhabit is spinning (moving)
one direction and the wind is shagging its way across
the Appalachians in the other!
In the colder night time temperatures, the wind last night
was achieving a hefty gusting of 60-65 (?) M.P.H.
producing one heck of a long and drawn out howling effect.
There is nothing like a winter wind howling across the
Appalachians at 4000 feet.
A large tree limb that was loose crashed down
covering most of half the driveway.
Watch for my shot today
at a later time.
I will have to work myself up for it!

The plow came through TWICE at about midnight,
now that is a dream living here...
We are fortunate on that count for sure!
The deer are out heavy pawing through the (about)
12-15 inch snow to dig down to corn piles!
They must be hungry, even ignoring Ginger's rather
boisterous barking upon seeing a large deer
standing out the patio door windows this A.M.

Oh- school is out for the second day, today.
This winter is not disappointing in its tenacity.
We are well in the grip of this ferocious lion 'winter,'
resting on its haunches and in no hurry to leave.


  1. Wow - I'll bet my sister's vacation house has snow, too. I hope you are enjoying being snowed in, lg!

    Also - I didn't really go on blogs much while I was in NY, but did read all your posts from prior days. Lovely pics!

  2. I don't blame you about not wanting to bundle up to face the wind and the cold, lg...it's sort of nice to be inside looking out at it and appreciating warmth and shelter. Poor deer! I guess they know how to survive, but it's always hard to see them digging for chow.

  3. Hey Lynn! Looking forward to your posts about NY.

    Talon~ What is your temp there? Yes, my husband watched them dig up corn from his office window.


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