Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Meant To

I Meant To

I meant to

see the hummingbird and to hear the bee

I meant to let you have more of me

I meant to meet you at the car

I meant to wish upon a star

I meant to travel and to grow

I meant to be in the know

I meant to take my time

I meant to save more than a dime

I meant to mean what I say

I meant to be there for you today

I meant to hold your dear hand

I meant to crisscross this great land

I meant to live life real slow

I meant to know more than I know

I meant to stop in and to say “Hi”

I meant to turn and say “Goodbye”

I meant to sit and tend the fire

I meant to show you my desire

I meant to live my life real grand

I meant to dance the allemande

I meant to be a movie star

I meant to have my dreaming take me far

I meant to write another song

I meant to enjoy having you along

I meant to think and to dream big

I meant to let go of what we did

I meant to push up toward the sky

I meant to look you in the eye

I meant to do a great many things

I meant to fly and then have wings

I meant to count the minutes and the hours

I meant to linger in the showers

I meant to sing a happy song

I meant to celebrate life long

I meant not to dwell upon the past

I meant to have myself a blast

All these things, I meant to do

No, I have not-but just a few.



The trellis on the garden wall was leaning. As a result, the pink roses drooped to the side and hung down, in a lazy off-setting manner. They were crooked. “Like my mouth,” she thought. Since the accident Laura couldn’t keep up with the things that needed done. The roses seemed to say “The person who lives here needs help. They would like to keep me up-but cannot.”

She sighs as she struggles to get her clothing on. It is now a laborious process; sheer drudgery. But then she hears the call. A small song bird’s revelry pierces her early morning consciousness. Strong and vibrant, it lifts its voice as if to remind Laura, “There are still new things to come,” and “You can find your place in the sun Laura; as you can see-I have,” and “He clothes (even) me in His splendor, why not you then also, my dear one?”

Laura’s crooked smile reappears. She feels a light refreshing, as if the rain has come at last on a long summer day and strikes ones face and back and neck…and then a cool breeze picks up and ripples across the body.

“I will reinvent myself,” Laura decides. Her quickie wheelchair tires squeak as they travel the length of the kitchen floor. Sunlight strikes her golden hair and she cannot see the flame of radiant beauty so evident in her profile. The light waits to play off the bridge of her nose, the slight angle of her cheek, and her sweet, smiling, rosebud lips.

Aaaawwwh. A Sneak Peek.

Presenting...4 newborn (well; about one and 1/2 weeks old)
baby wrens born in my front yard fuchsia planter. The plant
(which is huge) is now lop-sided in its growth as I am
carefully hand watering the half side of the planter
that they have not taken up residence in!
I am enjoying their presence and
for you...this
sneak-a-peek shot!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is it an organ?

or an underground rock formation?

What can one say but

Magnificent Magnolia.
How pure you are.
How pristine you are.
Stamen of corn silk. Petals tender, cupped
and perfectly delicate.
Magnificent magnolia.
My favorite bloom...
and when I see you
fully adorned in
your white,

a vanilla
it is the best
of all color

(Lush, fully formed

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Waiting

Tuck all the moments beneath your belt
that the Lord God has assigned to you.
A steamy summer day
a child's quick smile, uninvited beauty
the wet, slick grass
Do not allow what glistens with a slight sheen
to pass
Learn to wait.
Then, gladly gather all these moments, unforeseen,
and tuck them 'neath your belt.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Beetle

Delicate Pink Blooms

A beetle the size of a matchbox car surfaced from the mulch of my front flower garden as I watered. He cruised down the curb after being watered, and crossed the driveway in an arching curve to my other flower garden. Changing his mind, he headed back toward me (and the risk of being watered again.) Coming within inches of a splash, he switched gears and again motored over to the opposite garden. Up the little curve and under the big green leaves, he goes...Turning my head to track him I note "He's gone." It's the perfect night for a an all-black beetle the size of a matchbox car to take a stroll.

Cloud Curls...

(Double click to enlarge...)
This was my favorite shot that surprised me, as I didn't
see the curl until I processed the photo!
The currents rising up and up off the mountains
form some pretty spectacular features! Usually the
waves roll up off the mountain and down,
but this one is like a tendril curling backward;
like a little arm.
How unique is that? I hope that
your day holds some unique surprises as well...
like this, my favorite shot!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Wake Me-I'm Dreaming

Insanely Orange

Sky Aglow

Cloud Drama

Surely I pilfered these scenes up on Seven Devils
last night from the Creator. The sky was a heavenly
sight first of mauves and cloudy 'sky drama...'
with the unusual cloud formations sweeping over
the already almost black mountain tops
driven by the wind and back lit
with light from the setting sun.
Then on the other side of Seven Devils,
the sky boasted fiery shades of gold and orange
and bolder, deeper color. The wind was
fiercely blowing (as it often does here) up above
5000 feet and the temperature was more of a cool 50.
So-- I 'stole' these shots (and a few more
that I am saving...) and here they are.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Amazing Weather Shots

Gorgeous shots from yesterday, early early in
the morning before the mist had a great chance
to rise up and off the mountains tops...causing
them to look much like little islands.
When I saw the way the mountains looked
I quickly pulled the car off to take
shots along the parkway!
: A hail
storm the
other day left this residue.
It was very dense...and cold.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where I am From

I am from dish pans, the (elbow) macaroni, hamburger and chopped tomato 
casserole and from 60's odd jello molds,
from German ingenuity and weekend trips up to the Wisconsin farm.
I am from the frozen Fox River and ice skating the long ice cracks to the edge of the marsh grass.
I am from large family gatherings at Grandpa’s house nearby where I lay on the floor day dreaming, invisible...and where I rushed in through the green kitchen screen door-slam, to pile high my Grandmother’s table full of sewing things…
I’m from the muskie out of Lake Winnebago that my Grandpa held and from ice fishing and the goose; from venison, from beer and from the brats. I think I’m from “My bologna has a first name, it's O-s-c-a-r. My bologna has a second name, it's M-a-y-e-r…”
I am from cloudy winter skies and from 'Wau-key-sha,' Fond-du-Lac, from Osh-kosh and Neenah-Men-ash-a…
I’m from the “Work hard and don’t complain,” “Before the snow flies…” and “Kill ‘em with kindness” bunch.
…From the land of “Now I lay me down to sleep” and the “Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made…” vacation Bible school.
I’m from my Grandfather’s bumping knee and his big black sedan; “Round, round the corner,” he would sing. I’m from cornfields and cow pastures. I’m from cheese curds and lime green jello with white pear pieces. And I am from plastic cheese.
…From the glass eye my Grandfather Alvin had, the fingers my great Uncle lost on the farm somehow and from the move my father made from the deep freeze to the deep south.
I am from under my Mom’s 60’s something dark wood end table 
...from a brown wooden box with hinges filled with old photos, mostly black and white, stuffed full every which way, photos of good spirited, hardworking staunch German relatives who looked straight at the camera. And I am from a more playful and romantic, kindhearted French lineage, too. I am from an orphanage. I am from the sky. I am from the farm.
I (now know) that I am from the notion...
that opposites attract.

(based upon the poem “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon done as an exercise)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Few Tidbits...

...leftover from our trip to the Cascade Falls.
Bottom: A very tall rugged old tree...look up!
Top: A strange hairy neon yellow caterpillar. I
have heard that this particular caterpillar likes to
play tennis and carries the tennis balls on its back.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Red

Summer Red

Summer red
My front yard bloom
Summer red
Stand back, make room
Summer red
You seize the day
My summer red
Come out and play
Summer red
A blazing flame
Summer red
I know your name
Summer red
To you I say
My summer red
You save the day
Summer red
You pop and 'wow'
Summer red
To you I bow
Summer red
Take hold my hand
My summer red
You beat the band
Summer red
You grace my lawn
Summer red
Awaken dawn
Summer red
Stay awhile
My summer red
You make me smile
Summer red
Off goes my hat
Summer red
You're all this 'n that
Summer red
Little flower
My summer red
Packed with power
Summer red
Bloom and grow
Summer red
I love you so
Summer red
Steal my heart
My summer red
I see you-now I'll start
Summer red
You say to me
Summer red
Summer red
My garden bloom
My summer red
Stand back, make room.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Water Water Water Sound Bite

Water Water Water

More photos from the beautiful Cascade Falls today...
The above video & sound bite is the water as it feeds
into the falls; a side view with the audio of the rushing
water to the falls (as in this top photo!) Bottom: Some lovely
tree roots near the stream as it travels...
Have a truly great day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beautiful Cascade Falls

The Steps (to the Falls)

Beautiful Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls Bottom Portion; Where Does the Water Go?

Today, we visited the wonderful
Cascade Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
It was a 15 minute hike in. As we were on our way up
and out, it began pouring down sheets of cool
rain which felt quite good
on our hot (sweaty) skin!
Enjoy! The next post
shows an audio/video
of the falls (via photobucket.)
Please disregard
any garbage they might add
after it is done.
I am having some difficulty

posting videos to this blog and
resorted to photobucket
(for the time being.)


Cascade Falls Sound Bite

Friday, June 17, 2011

Le Jardin and New Blooms

Bottom: 'Le Jardin' in the morning light in the back are our potatoes; they are (again) huge!
Tomatoes, squash and onion as well are some of the
plantings ...Middle: My daisies (wild transplants
to the front) are true... :-) Top: A new front yard
plant and a tender blushing pink bloom!
Can't wait to see the whole plant in bloom...
Have a truly great weekend folks!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A gift

Here is this mornings 'peek' inside my front
(wonder just how that is going to work?!)
fuchsia plant hanger of a wren's birds nest complete
with 3 eggs! Every time we get close to the hanger
the small black and white mother flies which
time my dog(s) take notice and try and find just
where she is hiding in the front bushes...
causing me to call them off! This is presenting

a challenge and the small babies are not even hatched
yet! I hope that we can leave them alone enough to see
the babies to fruition! We shall make a valiant attempt
at it though....You have the first view (taken carefully
I might add) of her nest!
Ain't it sweet?
I have to be very careful when

watering the planter (now.) I discovered her
yesterday when I used the attachment on the
hose as I had been doing previously and (accidentally)
watered her!
She was none worse for the wear
and I will now hoist up a watering can
to one side of the planter! I am a bit mystified as to
just why a bird would pick my front yard planter
for a nest when she had the entire forest
to choose from!
Go figure...

your day friends

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Waterfalls Road SoundBite...

Sunday (again; see Sat. posts as well)
we traveled to a nearby
"Waterfalls Road."
Here is a slice of video (raw) so that
you too, can get your feet wet!
Stand back and feel the spray!

I rather like the sound of rushing, roaring
water in the wild. Our plan is to frequent as many
waterfalls (to photograph them) as we can.
Next Up: At the falls bottom, nestled near
a large rock on a ledge,
was this large specimen (note his yellow
back shell and his head)
of a box turtle. Of course I
had to say "Hi, little turtle."
We continued on roads in this area but
because of rain, we had to turn back
(as roads can get flooded here
and we did not know our way.)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Waterfalls Road

The tall falls pieced together...

Waterfalls Road Series; 'Will You Marry Me?' Rock :-)
(Double click to read... :-) )

My First Video! :-) Voila! (With my collie as my film 'star...')

The Dawn Song

The Dawn Song

A loud cacophony of song and twerp and twill awakens me out my bedroom windowsill…

A wildly chirping bird is singing strong full out and I have the thought “What must all this ruckus be about?”

“Is it the dawn that has provoked your excited state for me to appreciate?”

I toss and turn and then rise up from my night time slumber to hobble on still slothful feet having surmised that I am the one missing something sweet…

Lois Nancy

This artwork is my mother's. It touches my heart.    (So gentle.)   A thoughtful depiction of something sweet, tiny, and cute.   'Wa...