Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Good Beginning

The Morning...

Good Beginning

Sunlight streaming in to rouse my muddled head

Dreams they rattle round and round I coddled while in bed

My old house is a painting with spots of marmalade that taste good

In these sunlit morns, bathing in the light that adorns the glass, the wall, the wood

Strongly angled rays like ribbons, the mountain sun-it touches

Bringing the inanimate to life--

Cupboard doors they delight me, window panes they excite me

The more shadowy places of a once tricky nature are not now misunderstood.

My thoughts they are stirring; drip drip onto paper…

A watery scene, it takes place--

With dolphins that jump to thrill me and swimming sea cows friends who lumber

Dressed in gowns of the forest and sweet-faced.

Robins arrayed in splendor swooping down in celebration

They fan my sweat beaded brow…

My painting consumes me and I hasten away

To a night filled with stars cool as ice

From my fingertips the light beams

And I draw another of borealis color swept across the midnight sky

Collecting it in a cavern, it echoes round the chamber

I see a psychedelic swirl of colors passing me by…

Alone on an island, white water-crystal, trickles down off of a ruby-red shore

Then back in my office, I hear it chiming with the rhythm of a tick and a tock

Back in my armchair, I awake from my dreaming, with thoughts like puzzle pieces strewn, lit up by the sun on the floor.


  1. Dance away, my friend. Thank you for the beautiful sunrise.

  2. Stunning sunrise shot, lg. I love the dreamstate where everything is not only possible, but plausible!

    Hope you're having a glorious day!

  3. Thank you Lynn! I revised the poem and I hope that you re-read it! But I will dance the day away!

    Talon, the morning sunlight here at 4000 feet is nothing like I have ever known before. The initial rays are orange and illuminate everything as if it is on fire in the early morning...


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