Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hazy Days, Heat and Tiger Lilly

Alone on the Blue Ridge yesterday morn, it was
not a good time for a photograph! The mountains
were covered in a haze...making them disappear
one by one, into the background. Bottom:
Can you see the ridge in the furthest background?
That's a big one! Top Two: Our heat wave on
the mountain was momentarily broken by one
cool thunderstorm. My front yard Tiger Lillie's
stand about 6 feet tall...long and spindly but they
did look marvelous in the light rain!
Love love that orange!
Enjoy your day.
Oh. Photos of our garden

produce will be coming...soon!


  1. I love Tiger Lilies. I love it when they seemingly grow wild on the side of the road - I see that a lot in western North Carolina.

  2. Yes Lynn...I never planted these in the front and this is the first year that they have bloomed. They are unusually tall! My 15 year old daughter said "Mom, what is that? They look strange." (She meant ugly :-) as they are very tall!) Aaah. To be 15. School as of yesterday is officially OUT.

  3. Gorgeous drop shots on the lilies, lg. I love when the droplets stick around for photos. They look gorgeous. Our tigers won't be out for a month or so, but I always look forward to seeing them. The haze and humidity and the trapped pollution made the moon the most amazing red color last night.Not a healthy sight, but a unique one.

    Oh oh, lg - your summer fun has really begun now ;) The lilies are funny because they send up that tall stalk bloom from all that foliage.


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