Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aaaawwwh. A Sneak Peek.

Presenting...4 newborn (well; about one and 1/2 weeks old)
baby wrens born in my front yard fuchsia planter. The plant
(which is huge) is now lop-sided in its growth as I am
carefully hand watering the half side of the planter
that they have not taken up residence in!
I am enjoying their presence and
for you...this
sneak-a-peek shot!


  1. So sweet! That's amazing that you can get so close, lg.

  2. It was amazing! Did you see the yellow banding by their eyes? I didn't expect that! I have a macro and supermacro setting on the camera so I didn't even wake them up. :-)

  3. cute, i bet there is comstant peeping!


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