Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beautiful Cascade Falls

The Steps (to the Falls)

Beautiful Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls Bottom Portion; Where Does the Water Go?

Today, we visited the wonderful
Cascade Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
It was a 15 minute hike in. As we were on our way up
and out, it began pouring down sheets of cool
rain which felt quite good
on our hot (sweaty) skin!
Enjoy! The next post
shows an audio/video
of the falls (via photobucket.)
Please disregard
any garbage they might add
after it is done.
I am having some difficulty

posting videos to this blog and
resorted to photobucket
(for the time being.)



  1. So lovely! That shot of the stairs just makes me want to jump in and go exploring. Sounds like a beautiful time, lg!

  2. I love that shot of the stairs, too. Cascade Falls sounds so familiar - it's been about 20 years since I've been down the parkway, but I think my mother and I might have taken that hike once.


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