Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A gift

Here is this mornings 'peek' inside my front
(wonder just how that is going to work?!)
fuchsia plant hanger of a wren's birds nest complete
with 3 eggs! Every time we get close to the hanger
the small black and white mother flies out....at which
time my dog(s) take notice and try and find just
where she is hiding in the front bushes...
causing me to call them off! This is presenting

a challenge and the small babies are not even hatched
yet! I hope that we can leave them alone enough to see
the babies to fruition! We shall make a valiant attempt
at it though....You have the first view (taken carefully
I might add) of her nest!
Ain't it sweet?
I have to be very careful when

watering the planter (now.) I discovered her
yesterday when I used the attachment on the
hose as I had been doing previously and (accidentally)
watered her!
She was none worse for the wear
and I will now hoist up a watering can
to one side of the planter! I am a bit mystified as to
just why a bird would pick my front yard planter
for a nest when she had the entire forest
to choose from!
Go figure...

your day friends


  1. I had the same thing happen - some house finches built a nest in the hanging fern beside my front door, when they had this entire forest right there they could have built in.

    I think wrens and finches like being close to houses. I would turn the hanging planter a little when I went out and the bird would fly out and watch from a nearby tree as I carefully watered the plant at its edges. I think the new flock of finches hatched and went on their way during my New York trip. I kind of miss them!

  2. Hey Lynn~ Thanks so much for those tips on how to deal with this! I don't want to aggravate the little bird or stress it out so that the eggs aren't successful. I'm a little worried about when the baby birds hatch and the noise that they will make...and just how my dogs will react. Also...if one falls out on the entry way and the dogs see it...well...that won't be so fun! They are great dogs but...they are always kind of hoping to retrieve something that they chase and all. I will keep you posted. :-)

  3. How beautiful! I'm laughing at the wren's impromptu shower, lg :)

    Years back we had a robin nest in the honeysuckle vine near the front door. She tolerated us going in/out, but tended to divebomb the postman or any visitors. For a while we just had to use the back or side doors.

    Here's hoping the hatching process is successful, lg. They must have their own reasons for choosing such a site - maybe a case of hiding in plain sight? I hear you on the dogs - Charlie thinks everything is worthy of not only investigating, but potentially ingesting!

  4. thats so cute...I had a nest right at my front door last year, it was fun to watch them hatch, and the parents hustle to keep them fed...yours looks like it is a pretty decent spot to get good photos! Enjoy!

  5. Thank you pat and Talon :-) Everyone had such neat bird stories!


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