Saturday, June 11, 2011

Waterfalls Road

The tall falls pieced together...

Waterfalls Road Series; 'Will You Marry Me?' Rock :-)
(Double click to read... :-) )

My First Video! :-) Voila! (With my collie as my film 'star...')


  1. Oh, that looks so cool while the temperature climbs into the 90s. Waterfalls are wonderful.

  2. I wonder if Billy still loves Sophia? :)

    I loved the video, lg! What a gorgeous place you live in! So beautiful!

  3. Yes Appalachian Lady; by the water is...the place to be!

    Talon! I didn't see that one! :-) I actually didn't see the "Will you marry me?" written until I processed and enlarged the photo. What a great discovery though.


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