Friday, June 3, 2011

Your Favorite

Your Favorite

I am your favorite song hummed aloud on a moonlit night under the stars lined up bright like a kite string sailing

Just play me

I am the morning mist as it settles down on the thirsty slack plant leaves still hot from the sultry sun of yesterday’s heat

Drink me in

I am a fine wine cultured full with body musty luscious green grapes fat dripping off an old vine

Sip me slowly

I am water rushing to surge over the falls edge glimmering full out in the sparkling summer sun’s ray

Wash yourself clean

I am the story unraveling mysterious with hidden meaning that glints across the cave at you golden

Line your pockets

I am a thoroughly fit small child well clad skipping the rope nimble higher and higher I go

Jump for awhile

I am the mist as it curls 'C ' off the gentle mountain’s slope like the long sweet caress that it is and I am drifting up

Think with me

I am the frothy cream thick and bubbling sweet perched upon the little cup’s edge

Let me linger

I am the shade of a sea of oaks rising up straight like soldiers standing serene in the hollow's green grass

Stay awhile.


  1. That photo is so beautiful! Lovely post.

  2. That photo is like a painting, lg. It's absolutely stunning. Your poem speaks so much of waht is truly beautiful.

  3. Lovely sunset! Hope you are well


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