Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Love

The morning sunlight caught my
backyard lilies day dreaming, again.
"Oh, to be...a flower!"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Thing of Beauty


The 'almost white' daylilies (genus Hemerocallis)
looked stunning in the early morning
filtering through the trees
in my backyard this A.M.
They are such a strong and a proud
flower, sturdy looking really. But as I
understand it, their blooms do not last long
(which is why they are not used in cut
flower arrangements often, if at all)

The early morning light made
them appear almost magical.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pine Trees on Tin Bucket

I don't paint often (right now) but I did manage
to decorate a tin bucket with pine handles that I got at
a yard sale for $1.00. (what a deal, eh?! :-) ) I love painting,
I truly do, but with all of the housework that I carry as a load
I rarely get motivated and have the energy (at the same time)
to pull my painting things out and actually complete a project!
I am hoping to set up a utility room that we have so that
I can have my crafting/painting/ clay/fiber materials
and tools and projects handy to just walk in
and work on a project I have going at my whim.
That's the only
way to go when trying to make use
of snippets
of time! Here is a sample of my work
that I did complete just last week, entitled
"3 Trees of Pine" (I am feeling a bit
Christmas-y this week, apparently...)
The trees here in the High Country always inspire
me due to their obvious personalities and their great beauty!
What do you love to do for a hobby or for
your own artistic funny bone,
I wonder....?!?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas in July

These photos kind of speak for themselves....
Ready for a cool break from the heat wave?
I am.
I cannot believe how these woods transform
into a snow and ice capped wonder!
What are you favorite things...
about winter?
Mine? How the snow looks like shaving cream
that is edible draped over even the ugliest of
shapes giving them a romantic feel.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Le Jardin

1. Hidden Yellow

2. Peeper?

3. Blooming?

4. (A favorite of mine; 'Can't Get Enough!!')

5. Big.

6. Can me...

O.K. I am back after taking a few days off to clean,
prepare and tend to some family business!!
Today I have for you...a garden guessing game!
Can you guess
what vegetable from our current
soggy garden
(from to much precipitation...)

is in each photo??
I will announce the winner on this blog!
And...please share your veggie photos as well!!
Be a veg head!

And just veg out!
-Be good- and take your Vitameatavegamin.

[Anyone who 'gets' this reference will 'earn extra points'
and an extra shout out (Yes, from myself...personally!!)]

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Came to Me

You came to me in a cloud
Yes, you did--
like the mist that settles in on my shoulders,
warming me up and draping me in lace, again.
You came to me in a dream
Yes, you did--
settling down from up above like a dove
that descends (anew) in dark the chambers of my mind.
You came to me in a ray of sunshine
Yes, you did--
illuminating everything that you touch.
You came to me in my womb
Yes, you did--
as an idea implanted, inside.
You came to me as a tender shoot
Yes, you did--
like the new growth of a young plant, freshly lime.
You came to me like a second chance;
Yes, you did--
it was like being born, yet again.
You came to me as a way of seeing
Yes, you did--
seeing inside.
You came to me on the night wind
Yes, you did--
like a prayer.
You came to me as a flickering flame drawing me in to yourself, as you do
Yes, you did--
and I could see you far off, in the distance.
You came to me and all is well
Yes, you did--
regardless of the 'ins' and the 'outs' of a great (many) things.
You came to me like the drink of cool water that you are and I am invigorated
Yes, you did--
I am refreshed and made whole.
You came to me with hoary head imparting your wisdom
Yes, you did--
And now, I can (more than) make it through another day.
You came to me as a warrior knight in the midst of my pain
Yes, you did--
and as you know (full well)
I have come to slay the dragon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mist and Wet and Rainy

Column of Mist, Rising

House Nestled in on Misty Hill

Mist Rising in Background But Cleared in Foreground

It was a wet weekend. It was quite a bit cooler,
here with much rain! I'm afraid that because of
all the moisture this season...our garden is dwarfed
(even.) I catch my husband standing in the garden,
inspecting, and mourning this thought.

We took a ride on Saturday, though, and managed
to find this wonderful mountain mist rising on a hill.
I never tire of watching the mist gracefully
(and playfully)
rise up and off of the mountain
tops when the day starts to heat up.

It is a constant source of wonder, to me.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Feeling Beachy

Where Rock Meets Waterfall

North Carolina Waterfall

Wilson Creek Gorge (Boy Swimming)

A Footprint in the Sand

Just Under the Bridge

Sailboat Glassy

Aqua Love

Boca Lighthouse

Rusty Blue

My daughter left this morning to go to the
beach in northern South Carolina-
so my
thoughts are of the 'beachy' kind this A.M.
She packed her swimsuit, towel, flip-flops
and the (in 'honor' of her summer
trip with a girlfriend...) are (some) of my favorite
'beachy' scenes. I seldom have the need to get
to the beach these days. Here in the mountains of
North Carolina, the abundant waterfalls, streams
and gorges present my soul great beauty
and is wonderfully satisfying for me.

Here also (Top Three) are
(just) a few...of those.

And I send many blessings to you
of the watery, summer kind...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Mauve Beauty

Yesterday's Sky

Today is cloudy, dark and cooler. I was delighted to get out
and find this painted sky at about 6:30 A.M. yesterday morn;
a mauve and purple beauty.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Painting on the Sky

Painting on the sky
greets me.
Tender mauve
and glorious gold,

framed by mountain foliage, black
against the early morning
sky, lit up

Oh, what a day
awaits us.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Dance for me, my pink sky
as you pass on by.
Clouds aloft, like dreams that drift,
do cause my thoughts to stir and lift.
Dance for me, clouds of gray
as I stand and cast my glance your way.
Dance for me, my beauties fine
clouds that travel,
billows of the divine.
Dance for me
or I will tell
of the lazy day and the heavy-hot summer night
where the air was so still and laid upon the breast of this, our fair hill
as a water blanket--

here my beaded brow did long for
any breeze to transport...
the hot, cloudless sky that is my gift tonight.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Nest

Tightly woven miracle, baby bird's nest.
I could not work you so-
with my hands...
Immortalized you are-
in the Smithsonian
(of all places.)

I cannot alter
my appreciation
for the tiny beak that persevered to weave you so-

like a small straw purse,

perfect in form and
so lovingly adorned;
functional home
a roofless wonder.
A sanctuary, you are-
made of twigs and straw.
A delight to investigate.

Tiny hands carefully hold you
after your makers have flown,
so great a natural wonder--
you are.
Much just like a baby's shoes that have been bronzed,
I have tried (in my own manner) to immortalize you, here.


(Due to some family circumstances, I am taking a break from posting. Back soon :-))

We took another...

gravel road (this weekend, past) and came around
a big curve high up and found this lovely, huge
curvy field of Christmas trees growing on a hillside.
They were in
the forefront as well, so the photo does
no justice to the vastness of the shot. The trees went
on 'forever;' in the middle of 'nowhere' (Top Two.)
Just click the photo to get a feel for how huge this field
was against the skyline... I think that in all likelihood,
life is much like come around a big bend
in the road of life and something you never expected
(that is good and well and fine) is waiting there for you...
Bottom Photo: A lovely deep red barn that stands
on a hilly mountainside with color that 'pops' against
the lushness of the summer green grass...

Thursday, July 7, 2011


This morning, I saw the mother (still chirping at us)
with a baby sitting in the tree in front of our house.
When I was walking toward the house, two of the
babies flew over the roof line, playing and they looked
like two little rockets; traveling fast and furious!

This family is out and about and survived their
very sequestered beginning in my
front door fuchsia planter!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!! :-)

Journeying Well

Mountain beyond the mountain

All places we must go
Mountain beyond the one I'm climbing

preparing me, you know
Mountain after mountain

each journey worth the climb

Mountain peak and mountain view

each one special, each one new
Horizon after horizon

All calling me to push

venturing beyond what is safe

With limit after limit breached

and all upon my dusty foot...

Sunset after sunset

with color that never pales

Until I reach my resting place

Pressing, I will prevail.

Mountain after mountain peak

and singing all the way

What I see from the valley fair
is calling out to me.

Mountains, limitless mountains

all standing in a row

Like soldiers they remind me of

places I have yet to go.

Glory upon glory

and wonders all round

I stand and gaze on mountain peaks

for this is hallowed ground.

Mountain after mountain peak

and pressing all the way

With story after story to tell

I'm leaving on my way.

Fair mountain you are a friend
to me
I tuck you near my heart

Calling to travelers everywhere

To up and run, to leave...depart!

Shake off the dust of yesteryear

And breath in something new

Fair mountain with one hid behind

is calling out to you...
So pack then, lightly friend
brave travelers alike
And we will feast on mountain airs
upon this, our lofty hike.
Soldier on, yes soldier on
and we will greet the day
Standing where our ancestry stood
stalwart, come what may.
Mountain fair, O mountain friend
to you we rise and sing
All gathered 'round
as children glad,
receive this, our offering.
Mountain looming, mountain next
to you we must away
And stand as the tomorrow shines
Aglow, as our yesterday.
Fair mountain on horizon, lifting
you beckon to me and call...
I will conquer and upon you stand
for you are fairest of them all!
Arise, O slumbering nations!
and enter in to rest...
Banishing strife and your warring cease
to receive our Maker's very best...
For we each, are gentle warriors
on this, our Earthly home;
each precious day a gift on display
to unwrap, to discover and to gently hold.
And treat this one time journey
just like a loving child...
Held so sweetly to your breast
never left soiled, tired...undressed
And with a lightness in your step
run free, run brave, and run wild.

Happy 4th!!

Lois Nancy

This artwork is my mother's. It touches my heart.    (So gentle.)   A thoughtful depiction of something sweet, tiny, and cute.   'Wa...