Thursday, July 7, 2011


This morning, I saw the mother (still chirping at us)
with a baby sitting in the tree in front of our house.
When I was walking toward the house, two of the
babies flew over the roof line, playing and they looked
like two little rockets; traveling fast and furious!

This family is out and about and survived their
very sequestered beginning in my
front door fuchsia planter!


  1. That's so neat,lg! Maybe they'll come back every year.

    I have a bluebird house on my back porch and one year it had a nest in it - some wrens raised babies in it and I could see them from my sofa with their beaks open clamoring for the food their mom was bringing. I didn't know that you have to take the nest out for them to come back (thinking it was a perfectly good nest that could be used again.) My friend Tara told me they like to rebuild every time. So it's out now (using rubber gloves to avoid leaving human scent), wiped down and ready. No takers yet though. :) They just like to build in whatever hanging plant I have at the front door now.


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