Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Dance for me, my pink sky
as you pass on by.
Clouds aloft, like dreams that drift,
do cause my thoughts to stir and lift.
Dance for me, clouds of gray
as I stand and cast my glance your way.
Dance for me, my beauties fine
clouds that travel,
billows of the divine.
Dance for me
or I will tell
of the lazy day and the heavy-hot summer night
where the air was so still and laid upon the breast of this, our fair hill
as a water blanket--

here my beaded brow did long for
any breeze to transport...
the hot, cloudless sky that is my gift tonight.


  1. Just wonderful!
    Happy week to you

  2. That photo is lovely - the sky does look as if it is dancing.

  3. Thank you malaymui!God bless!

    Hey Lynn...the clouds were dancing over the mountain top driven by lofty mountain air...but today is another day.


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