Friday, July 8, 2011

We took another...

gravel road (this weekend, past) and came around
a big curve high up and found this lovely, huge
curvy field of Christmas trees growing on a hillside.
They were in
the forefront as well, so the photo does
no justice to the vastness of the shot. The trees went
on 'forever;' in the middle of 'nowhere' (Top Two.)
Just click the photo to get a feel for how huge this field
was against the skyline... I think that in all likelihood,
life is much like come around a big bend
in the road of life and something you never expected
(that is good and well and fine) is waiting there for you...
Bottom Photo: A lovely deep red barn that stands
on a hilly mountainside with color that 'pops' against
the lushness of the summer green grass...


  1. What a beautiful farm that is. I'll bet they are great people, too. A lovely trip you had there, lg.

  2. Yes, it was Lynn.
    :-) And thank you for stopping by!

  3. i love the tree farms in makes a beautiful pastoral setting...


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