Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas in July

These photos kind of speak for themselves....
Ready for a cool break from the heat wave?
I am.
I cannot believe how these woods transform
into a snow and ice capped wonder!
What are you favorite things...
about winter?
Mine? How the snow looks like shaving cream
that is edible draped over even the ugliest of
shapes giving them a romantic feel.


  1. Another favorite of mine...the lighting in winter. It is purplish
    or blue (like overcast with this color or filtered through blue...)

  2. Writings from the country that looks like a big snow factory several months a year.. when the snow is pure, untouched - it's beautiful. And, the light.
    I love to run downhill in winter. However, I would rather not think about winter already, it's only July.

    Happy week to you!

  3. Spiderdama,
    My thoughts and my prayers are with you and with the families and with your fellow countrymen.
    (hugs today and always...)

  4. The lack of sticky humidity, a good fire going in the fireplace, getting to see your snowy photos. I imagine snow gets old when you have it all the time, but I do love looking at it.


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