Sunday, July 24, 2011

Le Jardin

1. Hidden Yellow

2. Peeper?

3. Blooming?

4. (A favorite of mine; 'Can't Get Enough!!')

5. Big.

6. Can me...

O.K. I am back after taking a few days off to clean,
prepare and tend to some family business!!
Today I have for you...a garden guessing game!
Can you guess
what vegetable from our current
soggy garden
(from to much precipitation...)

is in each photo??
I will announce the winner on this blog!
And...please share your veggie photos as well!!
Be a veg head!

And just veg out!
-Be good- and take your Vitameatavegamin.

[Anyone who 'gets' this reference will 'earn extra points'
and an extra shout out (Yes, from myself...personally!!)]


  1. So far Jasper is the winner!!!! She guessed ALL BUT ONE correctly!

  2. hmm.. photo 1 and 3 are probably the same plant - zucchini flower as i ate the deep fried flower 2 looks like a green chili but probably too straight forward to be true:D, photo 4:chives?
    5. green cabbage 6.winter melon?

  3. Uh - am I supposed to email the answers? Sorry I am so late in responding, but I was gone most of the weekend. I've tried to read blogs on my iPhone, but the screen is too small.

    1. Summer squash
    2. Pepper? You probably want a specific one - but I'm pepper impaired.
    3. Squash blossom?
    4. Vidalia spring onions?
    5. Purple cabbage.
    6. Cucumber.

    vitameatvegimin is from that crazy episode of I Love Lucy in which she was filming a commercial for that. :)

  4. Good show! I will post the answers at the end of the week!

  5. Hi Louvregirl!
    Sorry, I have no clue to the question.. but I really like onions and I eat lots of vitamins:-)

    I thank you so much for your warm words and concern.
    Let us hope and pray that all evil can be turned into something beautiful.
    God bless you richly,


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