Monday, July 18, 2011

Mist and Wet and Rainy

Column of Mist, Rising

House Nestled in on Misty Hill

Mist Rising in Background But Cleared in Foreground

It was a wet weekend. It was quite a bit cooler,
here with much rain! I'm afraid that because of
all the moisture this season...our garden is dwarfed
(even.) I catch my husband standing in the garden,
inspecting, and mourning this thought.

We took a ride on Saturday, though, and managed
to find this wonderful mountain mist rising on a hill.
I never tire of watching the mist gracefully
(and playfully)
rise up and off of the mountain
tops when the day starts to heat up.

It is a constant source of wonder, to me.


  1. That's so lovely, lg. You live in the loveliest place! I saw your comment on my blog just now (I try to wait and have five in row before I comment back) and it made me so happy to read and makes me want to keep doing it. And I like to come to your blog for a respite from the concrete industrial jungle around me. It's always so full of beauty.

  2. Wow. Thank you so much Lynn. That means a lot to me, as well.
    ...Feeling blessed.

  3. i love the way you capture the rain, making me love the rain a little. we had a very wet weekend too in europe...

  4. Hey malaymui! I'm glad I could help you love the rain 'a little.' Thank you for stopping by~ I think that you are a ray of sunshine (perhaps!)


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