Friday, July 8, 2011

The Nest

Tightly woven miracle, baby bird's nest.
I could not work you so-
with my hands...
Immortalized you are-
in the Smithsonian
(of all places.)

I cannot alter
my appreciation
for the tiny beak that persevered to weave you so-

like a small straw purse,

perfect in form and
so lovingly adorned;
functional home
a roofless wonder.
A sanctuary, you are-
made of twigs and straw.
A delight to investigate.

Tiny hands carefully hold you
after your makers have flown,
so great a natural wonder--
you are.
Much just like a baby's shoes that have been bronzed,
I have tried (in my own manner) to immortalize you, here.


(Due to some family circumstances, I am taking a break from posting. Back soon :-))

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