Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pine Trees on Tin Bucket

I don't paint often (right now) but I did manage
to decorate a tin bucket with pine handles that I got at
a yard sale for $1.00. (what a deal, eh?! :-) ) I love painting,
I truly do, but with all of the housework that I carry as a load
I rarely get motivated and have the energy (at the same time)
to pull my painting things out and actually complete a project!
I am hoping to set up a utility room that we have so that
I can have my crafting/painting/ clay/fiber materials
and tools and projects handy to just walk in
and work on a project I have going at my whim.
That's the only
way to go when trying to make use
of snippets
of time! Here is a sample of my work
that I did complete just last week, entitled
"3 Trees of Pine" (I am feeling a bit
Christmas-y this week, apparently...)
The trees here in the High Country always inspire
me due to their obvious personalities and their great beauty!
What do you love to do for a hobby or for
your own artistic funny bone,
I wonder....?!?


  1. Hey lg - I couldn't link to the other artwork, but the bucket artwork is nifty! Love that you gotta love that price you paid. :)

    My blog writing and picture taking is probably the most creative thing I do (although I like to think I've made a beautiful home and my family always wants my input into their decor.)

    I was not feeling well this morning, did not have a photograph and was just generally out of sorts. So I went back to bed for an hour and didn't write my blog post. I had considered going to MWF posting all the time, but I had a sense of renewal after I got to work and received a special gift - see tomorrow's post. :) And I had lunch with my friend Leisa - she called to see if I was sick since I didn't post. She told me how much she looks forward to reading it after she gets to work every day, so there you have it. Back to M-F. :)

  2. The bucket was a findz1 Love your painting - do set up a small area. You are right it is the only way to get any art done is to have a place set up all the time. Hope you are well - been blogging light this summer.

    Carolina Mts

  3. Hi,
    I like your trees, they are beautiful and green.
    I paint actually.. when I have inspiration.. it is a bit long between each time, unfortunately. Otherwise, it is my camera, one of my best friends.. I look at it as a kind of art and painting also.
    It is certainly good to have some hobbies.

  4. Hey Lynn~ Glad you are feeling better! I know, whenever I have the thought "I'm going to quit this blog..." my Mom e-mails me asking me "Where is your blog, are you O.K.??!" or someone encourages me
    by what they write in response :-)
    My cousin says its the first thing she reads before going to work (and the like.)
    So- ditto.

    So glad that you stopped by! Yes-you are right about the 'art place' that is set up...I have to do this (for me.) Right now my son who is home from college has taken over my 'art space.'

    Thank you Spiderdama :-) I thought that they were 'happy trees.' I feel so much better after i complete a project. It is like giving birth.

  5. I love the trees - you've made them full of personality, lg...just like you are :)

    I hope you do get to make a go-to space. There's nothing better for capturing creative sporadic moments than to have a spot where everything is at your fingertips and it's just as you left it.

    I love to paint, sketch, sew, write and, of course, photography. Never enough time in a day, is there? But it's still soul-refreshing to get those snatches of time when you can really just play. I think we need more of it :)


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