Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Came to Me

You came to me in a cloud
Yes, you did--
like the mist that settles in on my shoulders,
warming me up and draping me in lace, again.
You came to me in a dream
Yes, you did--
settling down from up above like a dove
that descends (anew) in dark the chambers of my mind.
You came to me in a ray of sunshine
Yes, you did--
illuminating everything that you touch.
You came to me in my womb
Yes, you did--
as an idea implanted, inside.
You came to me as a tender shoot
Yes, you did--
like the new growth of a young plant, freshly lime.
You came to me like a second chance;
Yes, you did--
it was like being born, yet again.
You came to me as a way of seeing
Yes, you did--
seeing inside.
You came to me on the night wind
Yes, you did--
like a prayer.
You came to me as a flickering flame drawing me in to yourself, as you do
Yes, you did--
and I could see you far off, in the distance.
You came to me and all is well
Yes, you did--
regardless of the 'ins' and the 'outs' of a great (many) things.
You came to me like the drink of cool water that you are and I am invigorated
Yes, you did--
I am refreshed and made whole.
You came to me with hoary head imparting your wisdom
Yes, you did--
And now, I can (more than) make it through another day.
You came to me as a warrior knight in the midst of my pain
Yes, you did--
and as you know (full well)
I have come to slay the dragon.


  1. That's a lovely poem, lg. What inspired it? Love the cloud pic, too.

  2. I guess a sort of combination of things....thankfulness mostly mixed with searching? I spent some time in prayer last night. Thank you for asking! I am 'leading' a poetry group meeting this Thurs. A.M. and will most probably take this poem (to share.)I 'started' with the first line "You came to Me" and wrote it (from there.) I am an incurable romantic; that, and as we all do, I need 'inspired' when facing challenges. It is a poem of hope.

  3. To be a bit more specific, it started out an an 'offering' on behalf of my (dear) Mother-in-law (who was put into a nursing home last evening as she can no longer care for herself) and turned into a
    'prayer-poem' about my own husband, my daughter (who has just returned) and my own spiritual journey and my (ever constant) need for renewal.


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