Foggy Fingers

Fog Line

Misty Wood

The 'Thick' of It

Foggy grasp
and fog filled sigh
have gripped the mountain trees so high.
It won't turn loose nor let go;
it lingers
and holds
my back with the slick trees.
Dewey thick drip-drops tickle and tease
their way down the bark
my camera
and neck
on this here fog-filled mountain.


  1. I love that last line, lg "on this here fog-filled mountain." A lovely mountain it is! Beautiful.

  2. Even fog can be beautiful I think. I like that first photo very much.
    And I love mountains:-)

    Ps: I was in Chernobyl in April this year.

    Hope you have a nice week:-)

  3. That first picture could have been taken here.


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