Monday, November 7, 2011

Feeling Beechy

A Long View off of Beech Mountain...Blue Skies.

Does Anybody Really Know...What Time it is?

My Reflections


We took a drive up onto Beech Mountain (N.C.) this
weekend. The elevation there is 5506 feet above sea level.
It was a clear fall day
sporting blue skies and temps
in the high 40's, but the sun felt warm and quite strong.
I captured these shots. Top: The view from a tiny park
on top of Beech Mountain on a newly built wooden deck.
There are bear living in caves below where this shot
was taken. Next: Actually, someone put a beautiful and
very large, beautifully made clock in a neighborhood
on top of this mountain. How odd it seems there
(at 5500 feet) but it made for a nice photo and some
wondering...Next Down: Muted fall colors are reflected in a
pond on the mountain. Bottom: We met a juvenile deer that
allowed us very close to photograph it while it stayed
delicately eating what looked like lily pads on the
side of the hill. What a wonderfully formed creature!
Loved it. It almost seemed friendly. Great trip here and
good weather for it! And a good day was all.


  1. So the clock wasn't around a building or anything? That IS odd. I do like it when things are slightly out of sync though.

    Sounds like a nice drive, lg.

  2. Lynn, the clock is just standing across from one of the world's smallest but coolest parks (a way down from it) all alone in a mountain top residential area that is secluded. You have to wonder who was behind putting it there.

  3. Wonderful place! I like that deer very much and it seems almost unreal.
    I will forget the time when I`m in the mountains:-)


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