Monday, November 28, 2011

Majestic Trio...

of fall shots taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway
(Thanksgiving weekend.) Even with most (if not all)
of the tree leaves missing, it is evident from these
photos why they call it...the Blue Ridge.
Here are two questions asked and answered
about the Parkway, itself. [Maybe today's politicians
(in the U.S.) could use a refresher course on its history.
Do you think that they would take it to heart?]
(Smirk, smirk, smirking.)

Who built the Parkway?

The Parkway was an idea born out of the Great Depression and part of its purpose was to put as many people as possible to work. Private contractors, the state and federal highway departments, Italian and Spanish immigrant stonemasons and thousands of Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees did the work.

When was the Parkway built and how long did it take to get the job done?

Groundbreaking took place in September 1935 and the work was contracted and completed in "sections." By World War II, about one-half of the road was completed and by the 1960s, all but one section was opened to the public. In 1987, the last section was completed around Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.

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  1. Was ever a better name chosen? The shades of blue are remarkable and the vista just makes me want to stop there and gaze out forever. Gorgeous, lg! Oh, and you don't think politicians actually listen, do you? ;)

  2. Talon...
    (So very glad to have you back, friend!)

  3. I love driving the Blue Ridge Parkway. I've overdue for a visit to it.


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