Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Snow

First snow
wet and slick
the ground's too hot

for you to stick.

But pretty you are-
now the winter wood's aglow
with delicate shades of purple and gray 
colors I have come to know.
Moonlight dances

off of ground and tree
casting hint of
deepest purple

for all of us to see.


  1. There's something magical about the first snow, isn't there? There's that special hush. As I type this, I'm looking out at a snow shower we're having here today. The temp dropped after a solid 20 hours of rain. The roads are going to be a mess, but the flakes are prettier than drops :)

    Gorgeous shot, lg!

  2. So lucky! It snows every 5 to 10 years here!

  3. Hi, yes I've noticed how similiar our photos are sometimes, but we haven't got snow though! How lovely. I like the name of the Speckled Hound Pumpkin.


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