Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Foggy Hill

Late February fog presses in like a
blanket on the muddy, wooded hill.

(The answers to yesterday's post are:

Bottom: Mary Cassatt. "Little Girl in a Blue
Armchair;" 1878.

Middle: Claude Oscar Monet; "Jean Monet
In His Cradle."

Top: Auguste Renoir. "Girl With A Watering Can;"
many people's favorite!

I really enjoy Mary Cassatt's painting;
it is one of my all time favorites.
I love the subject matter in this-the little girl
'all out' from hard playing on the gorgeous
blue chair and then surrounded by the
blue chairs! Good work.


  1. Those shots of the foggy hill are peaceful and lovely.

    I loved the little girl in the chair, too, and don't remember seeing that one before.

  2. We've got fog tonight as the temps climb and the snow pack is melting. There's something calming to me in fog. Gorgeous capture, lg.


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