Friday, February 17, 2012

The Inkling

The Inkling

I got an inkling

deep in the night

of what to have


and what

not to invite.

Ragged (old) but good thoughts-stay.


Lust-away with you!

Crippling arthritis-you’re gone (and you’re not my friend.)


Health; enough to coddle and indulge-stay!

Denial-go away.

Rusty, worn out thoughts-go.

My mojo-back, (to stay.)

Organic dreams that deceive, with (some) friends-away.

Tomorrow granted-stay!

Fresh food-stay.

Fear and all (fear) based doubt-cast away.

Company that lifts me-stay!

Spirits that linger and drag you down-away.

Hope like a mountain-stay!

Words that pour out like fountain-stay!

Power-(to) stay!

Milking it-go away.


Feigning (of any kind)-you're out.

Motion-you’re in.

Change-“Hum,” well, O.K.-I suppose, you're in. :-)

People that bless- you’re in.

Those that seek to rip (you) up; to deceive and mislead you, to tear you down and mistreat you-don’t even dare, you’re out.

Shouting and grinning, ear to ear, while perhaps jumping a rope and twirling your hair-you’re in.

Hands waving-you’re in.

Music so fine-you too.

Beginning (again)-you’re in.

Laughter- you are in.

Query (letter)-you’re in.

Inquiring mind-you're in, as well.

Dreary (in all its forms)-you’re out.

Stubborn-you’re out.

Pliable, moldable and teachable-you’re in.

Helpful-you’re in.

Publish-you’re in.

Drawing-you’re in.

Painting-you too.

Sitting (alone to stare)-you’re out.

Vagrant-you’re out.





Being lifted-stay.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus-Hold me, stay-you’re in.

Sunlight; open all the windows and let it stream in (kind)-stay.

[Here is my list. Now, consider making your own list and sharing it. :-)]


  1. Sadness - go at some point
    Memories - stay

    That's all I've got today, lg. Love your list.

    (I'm on my third set of letters proving I'm not a robot. Hope the third time is a charm.) :)

  2. Lynn~ I wanted to add "grieving"-stay, but not on a permanent basis.
    (or something to that effect.)
    It (certainly) is O.K. to grieve
    but not to let it consume and then wither. btdt; kwim?

  3. Grieving takes its own time. It has a life of its own, so to speak.

  4. I'm with Lynn. Sadness in the loss of my mother continues to sit with me, especially in the quiet of night. But the happy memories are beautiful and strong and they are staying.

    Your in/out list is awesome. I laughed at the querying one. I could so relate after receiving 2 rejections this week. Maybe the universe will be listening to us, lg, and will smarten up :)

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. Talon~My sister passed away in 2006 and I still experience intense longing for her.

  6. Good list - letting go is not easy! Lovely shot there.

  7. Take care of the good memories.. beautiful post and pictures.

    Regards from Norway:-)

  8. Take care of the good memories.. beautiful post and pictures.

    Regards from Norway:-)


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