Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 of my Favorite...

For my offering today, here are 3 of my favorite
photographs of paintings at the Smithsonian (previously taken.)

See if you know...your "art." Try the following:
assign the artist's name to his/her work
(I had to research this) and title each piece. Take liberty!
You can make up a proper "Title."

Mary Cassatt, American, 1844 - 1926.
Pierre Auguste Renoir, French, 1841–1919.
Claude Oscar Monet, French, 1840-1926.

(Dear Readers, due to an illness in my immediate family,
I have not been able to get out and
to photograph the workings of spring, here.
Hopefully, I will be 'back in the saddle,' soon.)


  1. I definitely know that the first one is called "The Girl with a Watering Can" and is by Renoir. I always visit it at the National Gallery when I'm in DC.

    The other two I am guessing and making up a title. :) The second one is Claude Monet and I'm calling it "Woman with Baby". The third one is Cassatt and I'll call it "Girl in blue chair."

  2. I hope your family member will be OK, lg.

  3. Thank you Lynn. :-) I love the titles that you made up. I will post the titled work with the artist in a day or so. (!)

  4. The answers to yesterday's post are:

    Mary Cassatt. "Little Girl in a Blue Armchair." 1878 (bottom.)

    Claude Oscar Monet; "Jean Monet In His Cradle."

    Auguste Renoir. "Girl With A Watering Can;" many people's favorite!

    I really really dig Mary Cassatt's painting of the little girl who is 'all out'(tired from playing.)


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