Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Friends

Portal in a Night Time Dream


This was taken (by my husband) through the vines
and the
curly trees out our backyard as the initial hints
of a
sunrise began to appear, about two years ago (or so.)
We can never find
a better Valentine's Day photo
(than this one.)
Because of the drive to "do better and better..."
(and then some, I suppose :-))
I (especially) have
been on the watch for anything
similar in quality
[but I have yet to find it, dang (!!)
] I have photo-
shopped it (artistically) with local flowers
and call it
"A Portal in a Night Time Dream;"

[above; it is a view looking through the flowers
(in this world to a time and a place beyond...)]
However, I feel that the original photo;
the view
through the vines and the trees,
with its deep and lovely red hue
of the innermost rays of the morning
sunrise, conveys such LOVE,
surprise and JOY.

Happy Valentine's Day, Friends!

I hope that your day is a blessed and
a GOOD day, today.

Yours, as always...


  1. Happy Valentine´s Day to You too!

  2. Sorry... Wrong identity. It´s Mari *oops*

  3. Hey Mari! Well-I like that name! It 'sounds' Hawaiian!? :-)

  4. That's lovely, lg. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  5. Both images are beautiful, lg. That intense and luminous red through the vines is spectacular.

    Have a beautiful Valentine's Day.

  6. Lovely images, though that first one is rather fantastical. Love your header too.


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