Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pets and Such...

This is "Wrassle" (like 'Wrestle' only in southern jargon... :-) ) our newest (albeit) pet family member! Isn't he just too dang cute??! He is tilting his head and saying "Hi!" and peering with his one-eye..."Just where did those LIVE crickets get to, now...??"

He arrived yesterday shipped in a (rather) small cardboard and styrofoam lined box with a heat pack (from Florida) and inside of a cloth bag marked "LIVE REPTILE--NONVENOMOUS;" (which I thought was humorous!)

Bearded dragons are sweet creatures. They are docile and can be easily held and even petted. They turn their little heads and with their large golden eyes...they look YOU right in the eye. They even follow you around the room with their gaze.

He lives on sand and rocks inside of a large glass terrarium with a lot of proper lighting (well, what we could afford at this time; a 29 gallon tank.) And--from what I am seeing, people go "all out" on their enclosures.

Anywho, today (for a change from mountain scenery and the like...) he is shooting you a rather big "Hi!" and wishes you well!!

He is my dear daughter's gift for a straight "A" report card...
The 'things' that you do do...for your children :-O

(Oh my.)


  1. Good Morning, Wrassle! Welcome to your new home! May your days be filled with fun and lots of cricket snacks! :)

  2. Y-e-e-e-s! Lots of juicy, plump cricket friends!! :-)
    (Seriously, I am humane to them. It's just that they happen to be 80%
    of a juvenile bearded dragons diet! And...that's 'just the way'...nature is! Can't help that! Might as well just say "Oh well" to it and cooperate with it.)

  3. Cute pet.
    Thank you for always.

  4. My two boys had some small lizards (anoles) when they were young,lg, and I was the official buyer of the crickets :) I felt bad for the crickets, but realized it's just the food chain at work :)

  5. Well I like Wrassle's name. :) He is quite the handsome fellow!


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