Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Paisley Maxi Dress
(for Barbie)

O.K. (just in case you have been wondering where I have been :-)
So here is my latest project...I (guess) have become a sew-a-holic of sorts; 
always wondering what design is next and what fabric to choose and so on...
Oh no...
I need thread (you get the idea!) I don't know exactly what happened 
to me-except that I was apparently bit by a sewing bug
And how has everyone been lately? 
I love the colors in these dresses. Don't you? 
So retro :-)


  1. Those Barbies are definitely stylin'. Good job, lg!

  2. I think that Ken would be floored once he gets a good look at Barbie.

  3. Thank you Lynn! :-) Hope your weekend is ultra-groovy! It is my birthday and so I am planning to p-a-r-t-y!

    G.B. Miller! Thank you~~I had a good laugh at that one! I am 'thinking' of getting a 'Ken' and fixing him up real good as well but you know....I suppose that he won't do his own laundry and I will have to hire a cleaning lady!

  4. I swear I used to have a skirt in just that fabric! :)

    It's nice when you get an urge to do something and then you get such amazing results. Barbie is totally retro chic, lg.

  5. Seriously, Talon?! You had a skirt (like that?!) Now I know that I chose the right fabric!!!!


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