Monday, May 7, 2012

Come on Along!

On our drives into hollows here we encounter 
the most peaceful resting places and 
homesteads that (at one time) were bustling along a 
single lane gravel road. Here is (just) one of them.
There is something about a barn-red house that compels 
a photograph (or two!) Also, the rustic gray small old home 
flanked by trees that were about 4 times its size spoke well to the 
era in which people lived in this place. Come on along! Enjoy. 
Do you feel the peace and quiet of this place?


  1. I'm always curious about the insides of old houses like that. The small stone building has a somewhat forbidding look.

    I always enjoy your peaceful treks, lg.

  2. I think about all the history those places could tell. sandie

  3. Lynn~ The small stone building is a pump house, I think. Not much in it! And YES~~~~ I want to go IN them all! My husband says that if you take a magnet along the old base boards you can pull old coins out that got stuck in there. He is in construction and used to do historic restoration.

    Yes~CC! ...The stories that these old houses have witnessed; we can (only) imagine! "If walls could talk."

  4. The first one, on a lake, and a fishing rod. And silence all around. Would do for me.


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