Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 'Salmon' Beauty

We 'caught' this huge salmon azalea bush in the country 
(at a yard sale) with a trickling mountain stream 
and yellow buntings nearby. 
What breathtaking color!


  1. Lovely. I was a little dismayed that landscapers around the city here buzzed the blooming azaleas into a hedge shape. So it's nice to see one that is left in the proper shape.

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  3. Lynn! Now that does sound unfortunate! The two (one white, one peachy-salmon) that we found in this remote country location were humungous (rather round and very tall.)

  4. Love the color. We have white, fushia pink and a mauve color. We lost some of our azaleas in the last frost. The flowers just turned brown!

    Carolina Mts

  5. Oh my goodness - what a gorgeous gorgeous color! sandie


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