Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dedication Today

Yesterday, Doc Watson passed away at 7:21 P.M.
at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina.  
Doc was 89 years old...This photo of ours was taken two 
years ago in the heat of summer near a raging stream 
swollen with chocolate rain water of Doc  
singing and playing at a small function in Todd, N.C. 
Oddly, I can hear his notes echoing this day down the halls of heaven. 
Thank you Doc, for all that you said and you did to 
enliven the lives of others. You were 'about' other people and 
although I did not know you well, your devotion to music 
and to serving others conveys to me that you were a truly great man.
(Boone, North Carolina.)


  1. I read about this and felt so sad. But what a glorious legacy he leaves!

    Did you manage to see any of the epic Isner match today? WOW!

    It's lovely to be back and I'm glad you're balancing blogging and life, (((Karen)))

    Kim (Talon)

  2. That's a lovely tribute, lg. I imagine the halls of Heaven indeed ring with his music today.

  3. TALON! I did see that rather long 5th set! Too dang bad he lost, though. I rather think John's the bomb! I really do admire his efforts being so tall! My son is tall and lanky, and it makes it a lot harder to bend and get down low. I'm glad to know that we can watch the French Open together!

    Lynn~ Thank you so much for those kind words. Doc was REALLY big (here) and appreciated. There is a life-size bronze statue of him sitting on an all bronze bench playing his guitar downtown. He began by playing on the streets (here.)

  4. I don't believe I have heard of him, but of course I am so sorry. sandie

  5. I am so annoyed - we had crazy weather roll in so I didn't get to see any tennis today (I tape it). The satellite went out and it's still not back for the channel that covers it and reruns it in the hopefully it will kick back in.

    Yes, it's got to be extremely difficult for John to get down that low. Poor guy always seems to be involved in these incredibly long matches... And his serve? Amazing! Loving my Canadian Raonic's chances...and, of course, I want my fav Nadal to get his seven French Open Titles :)

  6. Sad.

    Our local bluegrass show dedicated the entire program to him this past Saturday, complete with music and interviews.


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