Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer FUN

 Yes...a "Stylin" Vintage Beach-going Wardrobe... 

I have a proclivity to find vintage postcards at any and 
all antique shops. I love the coloration and the old time images! 
Here, I pay homage to older day fashions and I wish you all...
"happy summer frolicking(!)"  (to say the least!)

Now, as I have aged (some) I must admit that to cover up  
MORE (and more, as it goes...) gives me security and 
a certain sense of happiness--I am not so much into this color scheme
The avocado green with the rather large yellowy sash and the 
black leggings are, well, yes~~~ just too much. Ladies, do you agree?! 

Although I bet the sands and the sea creatures 
back then were worth the high heels!  
And dang it if she doesn't look happy, though!


  1. My sister loves old photos, too. I like the caption there, "Some smile in Florida." :) As if the rest of the people in Florida are all morose. Yes - that get-up looks a little warm for the beach. I'm with you on covering up though.

  2. Lynn~ I took it as "Some smile" (as if she had a nice smile)in Florida. Interesting. Yours is probably correct, perhaps? I think Florida was viewed as a swamp, back then (which it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Hot, hot hot without air conditioning. Too hot.

  3. I can only imagine how weighted down they must have been in those bathing costumes! Cool find, lg.

    And that header shot - that is magnificent!

  4. Hope you're checking in, Karen, because I just wanted to wish you and your family a beautiful Fourth of July.

    It's icky here again - high humidity and temps in the high 90's (humidex in the 100's) the next few days. It's our third heatwave and only a couple of weeks into summer. This is the type of weather we usually get in mid-August.

    Hope things have cooled down your way!


  5. lg, I'm so glad you had a wonderful fourth. Bethel sounds fabulous--what a wonderful community spirit.

    I have to confess that I'm not really rooting for either Federer or Murray though I think, if Murray can maintain his confidence, it could be an amazing match. With Nadal out, I'm deflated - lol! :) But I think Federer will succeed because he's just so experienced in the big matches. Mind you, Murray will have crowd support like never before. How amazing for him if he managed to win tomorrow. So now I'm really looking forward to the Olympics which will bring a whole different dynamic so that will be interesting. I have to confess that I'm glad Djokovic lost. He's becoming increasingly more and more obnoxious.

    No matter what, I'll be watching tomorrow :)


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