Thursday, June 21, 2012

Latest (Sewing) Creations...

(O.K; line up girls...Now, 'scrunch' in..."There!" "c-l-i-c-k!")

Dear Blogging friends of mine!
As I have shared with some of you, I am taking part of this 
summer off, blogging (just) 1-2 times per week. I am in the midst 
of finishing up the details of family passing away and I have my 
two older children home, right now. Whew! I am still checking 
blogs periodically for reading (a must do. :-)) Our wee family is 
having a huge estate/rummage sale this very weekend. This kind 
of endeavor is so much WORK. Think of me. The flowers 
are so wonderfully lovely here in the High Country right now... 
The rhododendrons are in bloom--wildly, I might add, everywhere. 

I will try and post some lovely pictures of such and I am visiting a 
garden park, the The Daniel Boone Native Gardens  today. 
As usual lately, though, I am in a crunch for time rather 
than having the ability to kick back and to photograph and 
to then lolly gag (one of my most favorite things to do--
'not doing,' I mean.:-) ) 

I have birds out front in my planter, again.
They (she, I should say..) swoop(s) out briskly when we 
walk out of our front door. I hope that your summers'
are mighty fine, as well, dear friends. Enjoy the weather. 
Savor it when you can!

Bless you one and all.

Louvregirl; still sewing :-
(...when I can, as you can well see!
(and still smilin,'

Life is good.

(Re: the photo; these are dolls that I refurbished 
and/or they came to me without clothing. 
I cleaned them, restyled their hair, and
designed the outfits; necklaces included.  
They are very small! )


  1. Have an enjoyable and relaxing summer off, and looking forward to the rare blog post while you're on your vaca. :D

  2. G.B Miller,
    Thank you so much! I (really) appreciate that.
    Hope your summer is wonderful, as well. It is so green here. I am lovin' it. :-)

  3. Hey - G is coming here now! That's nice - he was one of my very first readers.

    Love the Barbie line-up. And is that Pepper in the middle? And is one of them Midge? They remind me of about 2000 of our family photos at Easter - "let's line up for the camera!" My mom said I'd appreciate that one day and I do. :)

    I understand the aftermath of family passing away all too well. Hope you all are OK and wish I could come to your yard sale! (((HUGS)))

  4. Lynn! I wish you could come, too! Dearly! :-) The first you asked about is...P.J.!!!! (Remember her???!) And yes, the other in the sheath pin stripe blue dress (love the way this dress turned out; the photo does it no justice at all!!!)is Midge!

    I especially love-luv Midge!
    She's so cute...and vintage!

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  6. Midge was always my favorite - she seemed a little more like me.

    Where did I get Pepper? PJ. I don't remember her. I did remember Skipper also. They started adding all those relatives of Barbie. :)

  7. The polka-dot maxi is divine, lg! Wow, you are talented. If I had to sew such tiny seams, it would blow my tiny little mind.

    I hope all goes well (or has gone well) with the estate sale. There's so much to handle when you lose a loved one.

    Summer is meant to be enjoyed, so I hope yours is the beautifully enjoyable.


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