Monday, June 25, 2012



  1. I've just found my way to your blog and enjoy your photos. I live in the Blue Ridge Mts. in southeast Virginia and agree that these mountains are just beautiful.
    Also, your sewing is amazing!

  2. That is incredible - you wonder have they even started to build that. sandie

  3. Protection from the sun. Place to think and just be alone? Lovely.

  4. Lynn~wouldn't you like to sit under it? :-)

    Leonora! Thank you for meandering on over! The mountains (just) R-O-C-K. tee hee. (((Welcome))) I will pop on over to your blog as well.

    Hi sandie, I agree. This particular trellis looks very old and it had a real lean going (which I really liked.)

    Hi Mari! Yes~ a place to sit and to think or read or listen. Is it summery by you I wonder?

  5. What an awesome shot, lg. You need to frame this one!

    I'm loving finally being able to comment and catch up. I hope the Google Gods continue to smile on me! :)


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