Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Teary drops slide slow down the gentle sloping of each of her silken petals.
She is wet with the night's rain and the now dense morning dew in drops. 
She is again slick, sleek and ponderously heavy with the water drop drop weight 
as it clings and it slides itself.

Awash in the grayness of the strongly filtered morning light she waits.
Cautious has become her nature, 
as the stem on which she is perched bends and sometimes trembles 
under the heavy weight of all that she is, 
and all that she has become.

© KAnniePowell


  1. So many things to say.

    The rose with the dew is so beautiful - breathtaking.

    And If I had your correct email I would have emailed you - it keeps coming back to me with the address I have for you.

    But thank you for that lovely lovely lovely comment today.

    So very sweet,

  2. What a lovely photograph! It's just perfect, lg. I can almost smell the scent of that rose.

    And lovely words to go along with the photo.

  3. Chatty Crone (I hate calling you a crone!) :-),
    Check back; I added the link to my e-mail address 'properly.'

    Lynn~ Thank you so much dear, sweet Lynn! I am 'taking a bit of a break;' posting maybe 1-2/X's a week this summer as my kids are home. But I enjoyed this post and as I wrote, the watery weight and the rose itself captured my imagination..
    The rose became a 'symbol' if you will, of a women carrying the weight of the forces of life (and nature;)the things which press in upon us from time to time--which we all endure...but we do remain ever hopeful [of change, growth, strengthening...(and of eventual release.)] God's grace is good and He (alone) is perpetually involved in the intricacies of our lives.

  4. What a breath-taking color. Gorgeous capture, lg. The bloom so fragile, yet able to withstand most onslaughts.

  5. Makes me want to be a rose.

  6. Keith~You are too funny! :-)
    (hugs dear one!!)

  7. It´s red but a little bit sad... I think.

  8. Wow.. such a lovely photo.. think I felt this picture in my heart..

  9. Spiderdama, what a lovely comment. Thank you.

    Mari~Yes, I think she is laden.


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