Wednesday, December 21, 2016

(The) Colors of...

Christmas. :)


  1. Well that must have been fun! I made shortbread last night - taking it to work today. I might have sneaked a couple of the bars last night when they were still warm.

  2. Made with my 21 year old daughter (and my husband)...which was the best part! We voted for our 'favorite' when we were done!

  3. The 'psychedelic' bell is my daughter's and the one I voted for as my 'favorite.'

  4. That's a great one! I like the blue Christmas tree on the left.

    Just saw the comment on my blog about you feeling knocked around. So sorry to hear that - hope you are OK.

  5. Lynn; trying to combat the (holiday) rude driving traffic, the hoards of crowds (when shopping) and the ins and outs of (birth) family issues (at Christmas) can be tough.


  6. The holidays can be exhausting - I'm with you, I was beaten up a little by it, but it was worth it in the end.


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