Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My advice:


"...keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side
Keep on the sunny side of life
It will help you everyday it will brighten all the way
If you'll keep on the sunny side of life..."

This song (or the chorus) was rattling about 
in my head earlier this week. I had a hard week 
(last week) with some setbacks and some rather huge 
disappointments (complicated, I suppose, by all that we 
have to do over the holidays and the like glaring back at me...) 

(To accompany the song) these are various rather 

sunny, bright photos from the mountains of 
western North Carolina. I even like the blurry one 
with the oddly striped and apricot colored sky... 
Of course, June Carter (Cash) is the perfect 
vessel for this song...
The link is live (below) for you to listen. 



  1. Great photos and I love the song too. x

  2. So sorry to hear of things being less than good in your world, but your advice is good. We do have to stay optimistic!

  3. We all need this reminder to try to keep on the sunny side of life. Never had heard the daughter sing. Not the powerful voice of her parents. I love Johnny Cash:-)

  4. Lynn, Your blog is the perfect example of 'sunny side' dwelling.

    Kay, So glad you liked the song! x

    Granny Annie, I just love watching June sing that song. She exudes JOY.


    Thanks for stopping on by, Ladies..."M-m-merry Christmas...(in advance!)" ;-)


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