Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Great Quotes....

log home in summer; Boone, NC

about life (...about love) and about relationships.

"I think every relationship should be allowed to have its own rules. [Rima's] tolerant. 

She's incredibly tolerant. Possibly a candidate for sainthood."

[ actor Alan Rickman (who passed away in Jan. 2016, about his wife of 50 years; Rima.)]



  1. Wonderful quote.

    Now for a question I keep forgetting to ask. What is that picture of on your heading?

  2. Hey Granny Annie! My husband has been very tolerant...of me! *Love* this quote! Thank you for asking: The photo on the top is Mexican (potato and cheese...) stuffed Chili (pepper)Rellenos...

  3. Very well built; went the a good relationship.


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